What are the risks to my system?

Kiko does not add or take anything away from water, does not contain chemicals and is non-toxic. Over 10 years of R&D and testing in HVAC systems verifies that Kiko does not cause adverse effects to equipment or piping. Kiko Water Systems conforms to all necessary regulatory requirements, maintains adequate liability coverage and is proud that no failures or problems have ever occurred as a result of using our cartridges. We will be glad to provide verification of regulatory requirements and coverages upon request.

What are the financial risks?

As there are no capital costs, the financial risks are minimal. Kiko charges a monthly fee for its services and our contract provides for 60 days cancellation without reason. Our pricing has provided our clients with an average annualized ROI of 154% after 3 months moving forward. In simpler terms, the energy savings will always be greater than the service fees. The other risk is that until you start using Kiko, you are paying too much in operating costs.

When should I start?

There’s no time like now! We have a simple installation, no capital costs and as we mentioned earlier, we are extremely proud that no failures or problems have ever occurred. We are even more proud of our client relationships and our resulting expansions throughout their real estate portfolios. We have a 100% success rate in reducing our client’s energy consumptions without capital costs and we know that we can provide you with profitable energy savings solutions. Until that process begins you will be spending too much for your HVAC energy requirements.

How is the monthly service fee established?

Our qualified staff will come to your facility to perform a free HVAC system assessment. This assessment will observe and analyse such things as equipment, flow rates, scheduling, water, control systems, energy consumption, etc. Once the rate is determined you will then be able to start reducing your HVAC operating costs by more than your monthly fees – it’s that simple!

What kind of servicing can I expect?

A qualified technician will come to your facility every month to perform system and water analysis and ensure that maximum benefits are being attained. System and equipment logs will be observed and changes in system operation or behaviour will be noted and discussed with the operators. A detailed monthly report will be provided and, should any cartridges or dosages need replacement or adjustment, this will be done without costs to you. The only cost is our all-inclusive service fee.

It sounds too good to be true?

It does! With no capital costs and no system shut downs, we will reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions in a way that is profitable to you. We will enable the water within your systems to transfer energy more efficiently thus reducing equipment run times while improving the environment. Our system assessment is free, our service and customer relationships speak for themselves, and we have a 100% success rate.

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