Kiko Water Systems Partners with Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver to Reduce Energy Consumption by 20%

March 4, 2015 – Kiko Water Systems (“KWS”), a clean energy company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, has partnered with the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and their Director of Engineering, Priyan Jayetileke, to use KWS’s proprietary technology to drastically reduce HVAC energy consumption and improve system efficiencies at the Hotel by over 20% per year. As a result of installing KWS Cartridges into the HVAC system in January, 2014, the Hotel realized savings of over 500,000 kWh, 3.2 Million pounds of steam and a reduction of 195 metric tons of Greenhouse Gases – all in just over 1 year and without capital costs! This equates to taking over 41 cars per year off of the road or planting 5,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

KWS’s proprietary technology works in both open and closed HVAC water loops by releasing kinetic energy that works at the molecular level to change the harmonics of water. The resulting change reduces the surface tension of water and improves heat capacity and thermal transfer of water. After KWS Cartridges were installed into the system at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, the heating and cooling equipment required drastically less energy and less maintenance to perform the same heating or cooling task, and overall, the system performed more efficiently.

Kiko Water Systems requires no capital costs and is providing the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver with a successful and profitable energy savings solution.

The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver was recently named as a recipient of the prestigious Forbes Five-Star Rating as a top pick for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas and is among only four Canadian hotels receiving this highly esteemed nod of approval. This comes in addition to the hotel already being an industry leader in sustainability, achieving 5 Green Keys – the highest possible rating for hotels that exemplify environmental and social stewardship.

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